A horn echoed up to us, a speeding train about to whizz past the quiet station. Birds scattered from the trees to become a part of the dull grey sky. Diesel fumes from the passing freight train washed us all in its grime.

There’s nothing like a train station to remind you how big the world is. As carriage after carriage pulls in your life is shared, however briefly, with hundreds of other people. Each of them living their own lives, dragging their own burdens and battling their own struggles.

Sometimes they’re the ones causing struggles on other people’s lives.

They look out the windows, down the aisle, at the people passing them by. Anywhere but at themselves.

Doors start beeping, a whistle blows and there’s a mad scatter of footsteps as stragglers make for the doors. The train pulls away and those people who shared your life for just a moment, the people whose lives you shared, are gone. Just like the desolate freight train.

Alone until the next one pulls in.