The people I keep in glass jars. Well, not so much people as little wooden carvings brought to life by a severely vivid imagination.

Why the glass jars?

Well, it’s simple really. Imagination can be a dangerous thing.

With one wishful thought or lingering daydream a whole new existence can be created to fulfil your wishes, sincere or not. A whole world can be made and then destroyed within the blink of an eye.

And where did these carvings come from? Did I make them? Of course I didn’t. Such delicate detail is beyond me! I simply guard them. Make sure they never fully cross over into our world. Else they might destroy it. They are refugees, survivors¬†of the worlds we destroyed with our ever wild imagination. They are the beings we created to carry out our wishes.

And sure, they might look like they’re in pain or saddened from their containment. But don’t be fooled. They are a¬†violent, murderous race who want our world for them. They do not know the meaning of mercy and although they hide behind the mask of friendship you can spot in their eyes the malice they struggle to hide. What are they?

Well, one could almost call them human. But for now they are the people I keep in glass jars.

  • Originally written and published in 2009 for A small collection of literary carvings, made by the people I keep in glass jars – The St Vincent College creative writing magazine.