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In the depths

“Hi, my name’s Claire and I’m…” I looked at myself in the mirror, swallowing the words I didn’t quite know how to say. The person there looked so uncertain. meanwhile the room behind her was sure of what it was. White walls, white tiles, white floor, white towels, white shower curtain. It was bold in its dullness.

“Hi,” I heaved a deep sigh as I forced myself to regurgitate the words, “my name’s Claire and I’m…”


I’m what? Continue reading “In the depths”


The station

A horn echoed up to us, a speeding train about to whizz past the quiet station. Birds scattered from the trees to become a part of the dull grey sky. Diesel fumes from the passing freight train washed us all in its grime. Continue reading “The station”

The Dark Ages

You don’t realise you’re living a dystopian future until after the fact.

Ironic if you think about it.

Actually, I suppose it was more of a dystopian present.  It was kind of hard to swallow when I realised. I spluttered and I muttered until I blew away my shattered illusions and saw the world clearly for once. Continue reading “The Dark Ages”


 My childhood can be split into two different categories: when it was full of falling bombs and shattering gunfire and when it was full of music and books and safety. Continue reading “Strength”

Solo part 22 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)

Chapter fourteen

Artha was true to her word. Within a few days we had people from her country trickling, it looked like a couple of other Ambassadors had passed on the word as well. Two weeks passed since out meeting with the council and we’d amassed a sizable company. Each new member was more than capable with a weapon but Lys tested them on their oratory skills, since that was what would make this a success or a failure.

I was training as well. As soon as the new arrivals heard there was someone from Solo in the camp they had to come and seek me out. Somehow I managed to strike up a friendship with one of them, Kent,  and he started to show me how to use a sword. Although I couldn’t actually be trusted with one yet. Sometimes Elswick would come and watch. He never said anything, just stood on the outlines and observed what was happening.

“You’re not moving your feet fast enough,” Kent said. Continue reading “Solo part 22 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)”

Solo part 21 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)

Chapter thirteen

A whole week later and I was ready to stand in front of the council. There wasn’t even a chance of having a friendly face in the audience, Lys would be standing by my side as the person who called the emergency meeting. Elswick would be there too; having gathered the most intelligence they’d ever had about Solo.

Much to Sie’s dismay the entire week was spent brushing me up on the etiquette of the council. As a visitor to their lands I was expected to stay quiet and speak last during the introductions, it was the most respectful thing to do, especially considering where I came from. I tried not to bristle as he said the last part with a lot of glee. Continue reading “Solo part 21 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)”

Solo part 20 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)

Lys ended up taking us to a meadow. It was a strange place and you wouldn’t expect it in the shadows of a mountain. But it was peaceful and lulled you into a state of relaxing you didn’t know possible. My worries melted away, the tension thrumming through my body disappeared along with the stress of the ongoing situation. This, I thought to myself, had to be magic.

“I have to thank you, Asha,” she said, turning to me, “you made them listened and see sense.”

“I didn’t make them do anything,” I shook my head, “that was all you.”

“Wick is right, you do underestimate yourself.” Continue reading “Solo part 20 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)”

Solo part 19 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)

Chapter twelve

“It seems we have a place for our most recent addition,” Lys announced at the next gathering. All eyes turned to me while my cheeks turned crimson. Attention, I hated it.

“And what would that be?” Elswick chipped in quickly, I think he was eager to know how I’d made an impression on his sister.

“She knows the state of Greystone better than any of us. I’ve never been there, don’t have the first clue about any of it and the rest of you spend all your time trying to keep to the shadows. She might be an outsider now but her experience of society there is the most recent we have. She also seems to have a strategic head on her shoulders. Continue reading “Solo part 19 (formally NaNoWriMo 2016)”

NaNoWriMo 2016 -day 27 (Solo part 18)

By the time we scrabbled down the hill they’d ducked into the tent. I followed everyone else, who had no problem entering the tent as well. I guess when a whole country was at stake there was no time for pleasantries, like letting a long-separated brother and sister have some time to themselves. From the scene inside they expected the intrusion.

She was sitting behind a desk, it was simple and looked the sort that any kind of carpenter could make. There was no wealth hidden in it, but it wasn’t exactly austere. In fact, there was no signs of showing off anywhere within the tent. Everything there was exactly what you’d expect to see at an outpost, all necessary. There were seats for everyone and we each took one, grateful. I don’t know about everyone else but my legs were aching like mad and I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2016 -day 27 (Solo part 18)”

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